90 hp

Max Power

5,80 m



max person


celestic S19

new elegance

The Celestic S19 is a new concept of open boat that is elegant, minimalist, and versatile. It has wide spaces that make it different from other boats of similar or even greater length. With a real length of 5.80 meters and a beam of 2.33, the S19 offers maximum habitability on board. It can accommodate 8 people and has a maximum of 300hp.

foam panels

The S19 features integrated flaps at the bottom of the hull. This feature allows the boat to have a greater capacity despite its length. The hull is reinforced with last-generation foam panels, which increases buoyancy and gives the boat greater structural strength.

large solarium

With its large detachable bow solarium, it is perfect for sunny days. And, if you want to use its table with the telescopic foot, you can disassemble the solarium in two independent pieces. Additionally, the stern has another completely fixed solarium, so you can sunbathe while others are eating at the table in the bow. Plus, the tilting backrest on the solarium allows you to recline towards the thymus or the stern, depending on your needs.

why us?

Celestic Boats is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable and affordable boat. We have a wide range of boats to suit all budgets and needs, and our team of experts are on hand to help you find the perfect one for you.


Technical specification

Length5,80 m
Width2,33 m
Height1,40 m
Draught0,25 m
Weight520 kg
Max Engine Capacity300 hp
Max Number of People8

Standard Equipment

technical specification

Standard Equipment

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